Your business has flourished and you have so much on your plate. Hiring more employees may not be in your budget or applicable at the time but there is just so much to do. Hiring virtual assistants could put you at ease with your worries of being overwhelmed with so much work. Your online business has the ability to thrive with the right team behind you…whether that is one, two or fifteen people. Technological communications advances have allowed companies to outsource things that need to be done for their business to fully optimize their site.

According to Forbes, 65% of the net new jobs since 1995 have been small businesses. The internet has allowed small businesses to thrive now more than ever. Advertising, social media, and online marketing, in general, is crucial to the success of your online business. Virtual assistants are there to help with your task, whether big or small.

What is a Virtual Assistant? defines a virtual assistant as those who, “…are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use technology to deliver services to clients globally.” Virtual assistants are contractors who work remotely with companies who require work that is either ongoing or just to have help on standby. From bookkeeping to event management – the World Wide Web allows most tasks to be completed remotely. With a low stream of income, you can hire a virtual assistant on an as needed basis in contrast to a full-time employee requires training, space, and equipment. Virtual assistants can offer an array of services such as business administrative services, graphic design, website updating, email marketing and technical support.

What are the tasks a VA can do for you?

  • Administrative Services – Hiring a VA to handle your business administrative needs such as
    emails, newsletters, scheduling appointments or assisting with bookkeeping could save you a lot of time managing your business. A VA could take on the laborious tasks that are not detrimental your business – but do need to be done.
  • Email Marketing – Building email campaigns helps businesses with advertising in many ways. Email marketing is a growing trend that can help with keeping active communication with your customers in newsletters, promotions or reminder emails. Building automated email campaigns can be a tedious task that VAs could take on for you.
  • Online Advertising/Social Media – Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to have a successful business. Facebook or LinkedIn targeted ads could bring in many customers if set up correctly. This is a task that a VA could do for your business to help bring in those valuable leads. Your online presence is important to a successful online business. Customers need to be able to connect with you via all platforms.
  • Web Updating – Keeping your website up-to-date is also crucial to a successful online business. Updating small things here and there can add up to be a monumental task. Hiring a VA to control the small changes that need management could be beneficial to busy CEOs.
  • Graphic Design – Flyers, advertisements promotions, etc. require specific software and creativity. Hiring a VA with a specialty in creative work could save you the cost of equipment and time to have a great product.
  • Event Planning – Planning an event can be stressful and lengthy. An overwhelmed executive could overlook many tasks. Hiring an extra set of hands to control booking and appointments to see that the event is successful could save many headaches.

What are the advantages of hiring Virtual Assistants?

  1. Expertise – VAs work out of their home remotely by using technology to perform their tasks. They are tech savvy experts with a broad range of experience. Certain tasks like updating your website or email automation marketing strategies might be a task that you are unfamiliar with but with the right VA, you have the ability to hire an on-call expert to knock it out easily.
  2. Saves you from hiring a new employee – VAs will work for you on one specific project or ongoing projects. Because you have a choice to hire an expert VA in the particular task, this saves you the time from having to recruit, hire and train a new employee.
  3. Saves office space – A new employee would require specific software, office space, and training.
    If you are a startup or just do not have an office space, you would not have to worry about making room for a VA to complete the project. The software and space are is not a factor when working with a VA as they are equipped with their own resources.
  4. They are ready and willing – The growth of virtual assistants has grown over the years due to the expansion of technology. Millennials are the most tech-savvy individuals on earth and are able to use technology to thrive more than previous generations. Many VAs are college students or creative individuals who enjoy creating for others. VAs make their living by helping companies succeed, they are not hard to find.

A virtual assistant could be beneficial to both big and small companies. Their expertise, broad range of capabilities, and determination to help others could benefit your company and its success. Look into hiring your first Virtual Assistant today!

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